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Instructions for Non-Human Listening

Instructions for Non-Human Listening is a co-created publication of sound scores, made by and for coastal beings.


This series of text and visual scores offers ways to experience life in the intertidal zone - the space between land and sea.

It forms part of the work of BE THE SEA, a project commissioned for SeaScapes: Tyne to Tees Shores to Seas, by Co/Lab, Sunderland University that asks how we can become more capable of living with and not just on the coast - in ways that are mutually sustainable with fellow human and non-human beings.

BE THE SEA is a collaboration between artist Louise Mackenzie and composer Hayley Jenkins. Works within the project have involved the collaboration of Durham Wildlife Trust and Women's Health in South Tyneside.

Instructions for Non-Human Listening is available for purchase. Each purchase includes a donation to Durham Wildlife Trust.

Price: £10.00 (including P&P)

Click here for enquiries and availability

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