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Oltramarino, 2013

Oltramarino I

Installation: arched screen, stainless steel, glass, microscope, camera, mirror, projector, scientific objects, micro-algae (Dunaliella salina)



durational performance


In a subtle performative act, Mackenzie presents the individualism and ego of the artist and scientist.  Micro-algae, creators of oxygen in earth’s atmosphere 3.5 billion years ago are placed on a microscope slide and projected          live         onto


Image credits: Colin Davison 

a custom built arched ceiling, reminiscent of oltramarino frescoes of Rennaissance Italy.  Over time, the microscope slide dries up and the once living  ‘celestial bodies’ die,  the artist then returns, discards the slide and replaces it with new living bodies.


Oltramarino II 

Artist’s book, stainless steel, glass, pigment from commercial cyanobacteria  (Spirulina), audio, light


Artist’s book.  Essays and extracts on the subject of the post-human from:


Chelsea Brain, EngD Researcher, Scottish Bioenergy/Newcastle University

Dr Gary Caldwell,  Senior Lecturer, Applied Marine Biology, Newcastle University

Dr Brian Degger, Interdisciplinary Biologist, UK

Dr Spela Petric, Transmedia, LUCA, Brussels

Iris Priest, Artist, UK

Helen Schell, Artist and UK Space Ambassador

Robertina Sebjanic, Artist, Programme Developer, Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies, Slovenia

Dr Robert Song, Senior Lecturer, Theology, Durham

Kate Stobbart, Artist and GP

Prof Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal

Dr Simon Woods, Co-Director of PEAL (Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre), Newcastle University

Supported by Dr Chelsea Brain, 

Dr Gary Caldwell and David Whitaker of 

Newcastle University

School of Marine Science and Technology

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