Pithos ConsTrained

Live genetically modified E. coli, glass, latex, rubber bung, copper wire

Pithos ConsTrained is part of an ongoing project exploring ideas of use in relation to microbial life. Exhibited live for the first time at Gallery North Project Space, Northumbria University, Mackenzie has trained her E. coli bioassemblages (Bioassemblage #2) to withstand up to two weeks of existence without the need for laboratory support. The organisms are presented in a custom-built vessel that contends with the ethical constraints of developing new forms of life that are inextricably bound to human modes of production.

Pithos ConsTrained  has been presented at:

Evolution of the Subject, Gallery North Project Space, Newcastle

Pithos (one possible story of our lively material), Summerhall, Edinburgh

Pithos ConsTrained  lives at Ellison Lab 314, Northumbria University

Made in collaboration with Professor Volker Straub and Dr. Ana Topf, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University and

Robyn Hare, glassblower, Newcastle University