Tentacular Resonances

Tentacular Resonances draws upon the writing of Donna Haraway, Don Idhe and Jane Bennett to explore the material relationship between resonance and form. Using DIY technology, copper, blown glass, clay and seawater, a network of lively vessels connects to a central ‘organ’. When approached, sensors in the peripheral vessels impart signals that resonate beneath the central organ. Although not scientifically calculated, this resonance is theoretically sufficient to allow DNA exchange amongst the micro-organisms naturally occurring in the seawater through a process known as horizontal gene transfer. The more that the peripheral vessels are stimulated, the more likely genetic information will be transferred between organisms, thus through cultural interaction, life may be transformed.

Tentacular Resonances is an installation and live interactive performance, including, where possible, the return of sonically modified seawater back to the ocean in a symbolic commitment to our inescapable cultural entanglement with the wider environment.

Tentacular Resonances has been shown at Summerhall, EdinburghGenerator Projects, Dundee and Fort Process, Newhaven.