How can we enrich the lives of both patients and patient disease models?

How can we find new ways to care for the animals that are used to save our lives?

What might a transgenic petting zoo tell us about our relationships with animals in medical research?

What happens to OncoMouse® [1] when the research is over?

I want OncoMouse® to be my friend.

This is the vision of the Transgenic Petting Zoo - bringing laboratory only species out of the lab and into the patient/care environment. Visit and help to care for your very own transgenic pet, it might help save your life.

[1] OncoMouse® was originally patented by Dupont but is now a freely traded commercial product. It is a disease model mouse, bred to carry the v-Ha-ras gene which increases the mouse's propensity to develop cancer.

Transgenic Animals

Relationships of care in and beyond the laboratory