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The Creators (2013)

durational performance

Installation view, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle


The Creators is a durational work performed during the installation, Oltramarino.  Over the course of the exhibition, I enact a durational performance exploring the individualism and ego of the artist and scientist.  Using the tools of a scientist and the conceit of an artist, I demonstrate the bringing to life of an image, using micro-algae, the creators of oxygen in earth’s atmosphere 3.5 billion years ago and thus arguably the original creators.  The micro-algae are projected onto a custom-built arched ceiling, in a celestial scene reminiscent of Renaissance frescos.  The image is alive, but over time all activity within it ceases.  In a demonstration of the apparent superiority of humankind over nature, I then return once each day to create another image.    

Photo credits: Colin Davison

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